Friday, 28 May 2010

To London, to London...

I live in The Rural. Today I went to The London-London. It's so big, so different, you have to say it twice.

Meeting with agent. I was terrified. First boss in my life I've wanted to impress. Always convinced I'm gonna get a beating. Thankfully, it went well. Lots of excitement about The Dead, great feedback on two other projects I'm involved with, and hints that some other stuff might come my way.

This is the odd life of a writer. We live in intense solitude with our imaginary worlds, inventing stuff we hope sufficient people will like so that the books sell and (holy of holies) we make enough to either make a living or at least buy a few extra beers down the pub (and I know some seriously excellent pubs just a walk away from where I live). Then, now and again, we're thrust in to the hustle-bustle world of city walking, The Under-The-Ground (oh, what a mystery marvel...), ludicrously expensive beer, and the entire populous being dressed in something other than what looks comfy. And wearing shoes they didn't just find in the porch.

So here am I, and it's a giggle. I've even gone and found a tremendous pub just a walk away from Paddington Station, which serves my favourite stout on tap: Youngs Double Chocolate. I kid you not! And, bizarrely, as I ordered it, a bloke at the bar was so astonished to hear someone ordering it that he went and had a taster from the bar, then ordered a pint himself! Ah, what influence I have...

I love these moments in my writing life. Getting away from the desk, out with the people who have been key to getting me to where I am now, and just having a natter. It makes it all a little more real (though my agent is in agreement with me: I really shouldn't make use of the skateboards being produced for The Dead; I'd look a right twit).

I've realised something though; I need to bring a camera with me, one of those nifty flip-cams. It's all very well me getting excited about what's going on, about the pub I'm sitting in and the beer I've found, but it needs to be filmed! Will rectify immediately.

Something else, too: perhaps this is what blogging is about? A little update on what's going on, where I'm at with what the writing's doing...

So that's what it's gonna be and I'll do my best to keep on top of it.

34 days (I think) till The Dead is launched. Excuse me while I neck this pint, scream, then run around like a nutter. This is all a bit weird...

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Dead are coming... in 35 days...

Haven't blogged for ages. Got caught up in writing, writing, writing. It's been crazy. still is. And now it's almost upon me. Can't believe it: my very own horror series hits the shelves with book 1 of The Dead in 35 days on July 1st... Jeez...

I'm nervous. Terrified. Excited. Stunned. Bemused. And lots of other things I can't quite put a word to.

Some crazy stuff has happened already, including:

Trailer of The Dead on youtube (
Skateboards of The Dead produced as prizes (they're amazing!)
Website now live (
Badges of The Dead (see pic)
Facebook page up (just search for 'David Gatward Children's Author on facebook)
Two reviews already (will post links in a mo)
Interview/review in SFX magazine on 28 May
Review in Gorezone (will post when this is out) and trailer of The Dead on the covermount DVD

So there you go. The Dead are nearly here. I can't wait to meet 'em...