Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Dark (The Dead Book 2) Cover

Just had sent through the full cover for The Dark, book 2 of The Dead. And I am, to be frank, astonished. It's very hard to believe that what I'm writing is having such covers produced. I may have to spend some time pinching myself...

The Text on the back reads:

The thing was a bubbling, spitting, obsidian blackness. It slipped across the ground like a fat slug. Then it shuddered, its oily surface split horribly, and thick bloody liquid spewed out and splashed across the floor. Something pushed out through the gaping wound: a slime-covered head, frozen in an endless scream.

Lazarus Stone has been killed, resurrected, and attacked by demons. He's all that stands between our world and the Dead. But things are getting complicated: he's in the land of the Dead, wearing the clothes of a corpse and he's no idea who - or what - tricked his dad into trying to bring back his long-dead mum. Life couldn't get much worse. But it will...

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


  1. Those covers are stunning - you must be so pleased with them.

  2. I keep looking at them and pinching myself. I'm utterly amazed and astounded that something I've written should carry a cover so gob-smackingly brilliant. I'm very, very lucky.