Sunday, 5 August 2012

Film Reviewer Announced!


I have an announcement!

Well, many actually, but I'll stick with TWO.

1. I have Mr Paul Edwards ( down as film reviewer. The man is a God! I mean, what he knows about horror haunts me. What he doesn't know scares me so much I actually - once, in a moment of weakness - watched an entire episode of Family Fortunes. His DVD collection is terrifying. His knowledge of blood-letting unnecessary. And his ability to giggle like a child in front of what the French are doing with horror (and it's all good) is worthy of a big fat bag of gizzards. I love him. And you will, too...

2. Barry Hutchinson ( is (a) being interviewed in issue 1, (b) writing a short and creepy story for issue 1, (c) walking 1000 miles just to punch a stupid zombie/vampire/TV host in its face, and (d) wrestling with a mightily dark entity from the hideous abode I discovered inside my shoes.

More announcements to follow. stay tuned...


Dave "I ate an entire shelf of biologically impossible - and embalmed - beings" Gatward

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