Friday, 3 August 2012

"JOIN US..."

If you know your horror (and I'm hoping some of you do at least a little) then you'll know that quote is from Evil Dead. A movie I love, nay adore. Indeed, I have been known to argue with myself about which is best, Evil Dead I or II (III doesn't quite count, it's such a different monster). But so what, right? Well, here's the so what:


Yep, it's true. I've never really got the hang of it. I'm not a diarist. I'm not one of those "oooh, read all about what I did today between pints of Red Bull and pens running out" folk. Nope, that's just not me.

So, after much thinking, I've decided to change things a bit. And this is where I need your help. Because without you folk joining in, I can't do what I'm about to tell you that I'm about to do (what a terrible sentence that is).

On Halloween, 2012, I will be . . .

 . . . wait for it . . .


Yep, it's true.

All the school visits I do, folks have been saying they'd love to have somewhere they could get published. I know how difficult this is. You know how difficult this is. Everyone and their neighbour's dog knows how difficult this is.

But I want to change that.

I want to produce a horror magazine (online first, PDF download, looking towards limited run printed editions, collections, and anything else I can think of) where up-and-coming terror freaks can rub shoulders with pro scaremongers, bump into young horror hounds, and scream at teen gore hunters. I want new fiction, scary fiction, blood-and-guts and edge-of-your seat fiction. I want interviews and film reviews and book reviews and music. I want ... well, to hear what you want, actually.

On my Facebook page ( I've put this blog in as a note under: DAVE'S HORROR MAG. All I want you to do is to go in there and add your comments, bunging down any and every idea you have that you'd like to see in the kind of horror/horror fiction mag you'd like to read.

Doesn't matter who you are, where your from, how many shoggoths you've got in the cellar feasting on terrible, screaming things: this is a worldwide thing. So what say you? Are you in? Are you going to join us?

Are you?

Go on, I dare you.

Double dare...

Dave "evil minds that plot destruction" Gatward

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